Friday, December 12, 2008


We have learned that Chicago Democrats have overheard Governor Blago discuss the value his resignation would have on the party. “You don’t resign for free. The resignation of a corrupt official is too f….ing valuable, and I am not f….ing resigning until they give me a f…ing pardon.”

In the meantime, Reverend Jackson has denied being the emissary for his son in the discussions over the appointment of a replacement for B. Hussein Obama’s senate seat. He stated in his defense: “I don’t have experience offering payoffs to extortionists. My field of expertise is limited to being the extortionist.” He then proceeded to explain that in the old days his son would have gotten the appointment by using the "R" word, but against Obama that wont fly.

As he left the press conference Rev. Jackson was overheard mumbling to himself that he still feels like performing testicular removal surgery on Obama.

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