Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Can we call someone a liar and mean it as a compliment? This is my dilemma today.

The day after the elections I promised not to do to Barack H. Obama what the left did to President Bush. I would wait and see and give him the benefit of the doubt. The complaints would begin when deserved.

Well, today I start by calling Obama a liar, however not as a grievance but rather as a compliment. He lied, he lied, he lied, and gosh, am I grateful he did.

The appointments to his cabinet are 180 degrees from what he promised in his campaign. Clinton, Gates, Jones, Geithner, Susan Rice are not exactly what the left hoped for and the right feared. These appointments, and the remarks made by Obama during the press conferences introducing his new appointees, are beginning to show a rather pragmatist politician who six weeks prior to assuming the presidency has began to worry about his legacy.

I am convinced that in domestic policies and judicial appointments he will give me plenty of material to complain about. But so far in dealing with the financial crisis and foreign affairs he is steering in the right direction, much to the chagrin of Air America and the Daily Kos.

Those who hoped to see America surrender on January 20th will be disappointed. Obama’s pronouncements are showing that Iraq will not be abandoned nor will the USA turn isolationist.

Would I have voted for Obama knowing what I know today? No. But I sleep a little better now, knowing that my liberal friends are not.

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