Monday, December 15, 2008

The Wisdom of the Elders of Chelm

The myth of the Elders of Chelm in Jewish literature represents a collection of tales about the Jewish residents of this city, opinionated, but not too swift. For example, one resident demanded that a fish be sentenced to death by drowning.

However on global warming they were right on target when they explained the reasons for the fluctuations in temperature. It makes as much sense as the explanations offered by Al Gore.

…Gronam [the oldest of the Elders of Chelm] said, “Last night I couldn’t sleep a
wink for thinking about why it is hot in the summertime. Finally the answer came
to me.” “What is it?” the elders chorused.

“Because all winter long the stoves are heated and this heat stays in Chelm and makes summer hot.” All the elders nodded their heads, excepting Dopey Lekisch, who asked, “Then why is it cold in the winter?”

“It’s clear why,” replied Gronam. “The stoves are not heated in the summer, so there is no heat left over for the winter.”

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