Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Gave Them Freedom; They Give Us Shoes

Here we are, in the first decade of the 21st century, discussing an incident that took place in Iraq and is reflective of the Arab world and its medieval retrograde culture and mentality. I am referring to the incident where “journalist” Muntadar al-Zaidi threw his shoes at President Bush, and managed to become overnight the darling of the Arab world, MSNBC, and those around the world who suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome. I read several articles that although critical of al-Zaidi, attempted to explain the resentment felt by many towards president Bush. What these comments failed to convey was the hatred towards America. Al-Zaidi is but a manifestation of this hatred. The shoe was aimed at Bush, but the intended target was the United States.

Arabs use shoes as a major insult because they are considered unclean, and based on my experience with Arabs I can understand why. It seems that Arabs do not consider shoe polish too important. In any event, Arabs do not even cross their legs to avoid offending the person sitting next to them by showing their soles. Such sophisticated culture. Let’s see. You can marry a child; rape victims can be stoned for having had sex; women must cover every part of their body; women can be killed by relatives to preserve the family honor; homosexuals are thrown from high buildings; one can blow himself up to gain access to paradise and fulfill fantasies about sex and virgins, but you are not to show the sole of your shoe. And to think that they criticize Western societies.

Watching the incident on the news, I couldn't’t help but reflect on how much Bush did for the Iraqi people. Where else in the Islamic world can you throw a shoe at a leader and survive? My regret at this point is for every American life that was sacrificed to free a people who deserve a Saddam. They idolize tyrannies and will restore a despot as soon as the last American leaves Iraq. Saddam gave Iraqis executions, bullets, grinders, nooses, electrocution, poison gas, and every sadistic tool at his disposal, we gave them freedom and they show their gratitude with shoes.

Meanwhile, some articles are reporting that the imprisoned journalist was beaten in jail. Interesting. I guess there is not too much debate among Arabs about torturing prisoners in jail. Of course, as long as the prisoner is not hit with a shoe.

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