Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mendicants, Beggars and CEO's

As Detroit sends its mendicants, tin in hand to Washington, and flying commerial airlines, the following graph illustrates the hurdle that American automakers are facing.

The bailout could be the requested $25 billion or ten times as much. The fact is that among my friends who own cars made mostly in America by Toyota, Kia, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes or any of the other eight foreign automakers, none is planning on buying an American made vehicle. I am not being judgmental about the correctness of their decision, just stating a fact that we must face.

Having a bureaucrat in Washington telling American automakers what kind of car to manufacture will not solve the problem. Those bureaucrats will design a car that will satisfy the Sierra Club and its acolytes, but not the American consumer who insists on entering or exiting his or her car without using a shoehorn and hates being overtaken in the highway by a jogger.

I have an idea for solving the current crisis. How about letting supply, demand and bankruptcy take care of the bailout?

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Danny said...

That line about the shoehorn and the jogger had me laughing almost off my chair. Maybe because it hit so close to home. And for your information that jogger was unbelievably fit for her age.