Saturday, January 2, 2010


2010 has began, and I can prophesize that the more things have changed, the more they will remain the same.

Environmentalists will continue to claim that we have 10 years left to save the planet. Ten years ago they said the same thing. It reminds me of the sign that hang for many years in a store: "We will offer credit tomorrow." One hundred years from now the world will still be away ten years away from extinction, and the scientists who will make these claims will still be high school dropouts that made it in Hollywood or lawyers with a career in politics.
In the meantime, new research shows no evidence of increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the last 160 years. Al Gore has offered no comment on this research. Neither has Gorbachev, Leonardo di Caprio or Barak Hussein Obama. It is bad news for those who use the climate change canard for the purpose of redistributing wealth.

On the subject of Israel, the international community and the mainstream media will continue to abuse and hold Israel to a standard higher than any other nation on earth. The New York Times will call Israeli settlers an obstacle to peace, and Muslims who murder will be called anything but terrorists.

While on this topic; Jimmy "I have lust in my heart" Carter has issued an apology to the Jewish people. I take this apology cum grano salis. I remember Jessee Jackson apologizing too. The perfect response to this apology was written the Liberal with Sanity and former mayor of New York Ed Koch.

Since I and those who hold political views similar to mine want a smaller and less intrusive government we will be called fascists, and since we don't believe in affirmative action we will be called racists. Since we don't like Obama we will be again called racists. Since we demand less taxes we will be called hatemongers, and since we don't like Hillary and Nacy Pelosi we will be called sexists. How do they reconcile this with our affection for Sarah Palin.

Since we don't believe in man made global warming we will be compared to holocaust deniers.

The census will show that states with high taxes lost population and states without income tax have gained population. The democrats will promise to cut the deficit and more vehemently so as November 2010 approaches. It will not help them. The Republicans will make significant gains and once elected will govern like democrats.

At least bloggers like me will have plenty of material to complain about. Happy New Year!

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