Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Diversity Visas and Other Issues

The other day I was watching the news when someone discussing the issue of terrorism mentioned the problem of Diversity Visas (DV). I usually cringe when I hear the word diversity, since this term is always accompanied by some social engineering program that is far removed from sanity. I did some research, and lo and behold, this program exists and once again demonstrates the insanity of liberalism and the fear of opposing anything that might label you a racist.

The DV program was instituted 20 years ago to ensure the entry to the United States of immigrants from countries with low representation among immigrants. And so, the State Department, under a mandate from Congress, has to issue 50,000 visas to countries such as (I am listing countries that received more than 1,000 visas each) Syria, Sudan, Malawi, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Morocco,Senegal, Sierra Leone, Albania, Algeria, Iran, Congo, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Armenia, Bulgaria and a myriad of other countries that got visas only in the hundreds.

The immigrants are selected by a process of lottery and in many cases have to supply less information about themselves than a tourist coming to visit from Uruguay or the Netherlands. Many justifiably fear that this program is becoming a way for potential terrorists to arrive here legally. Furthermore, after five years these diverse collection is entitled to citizenship and with it comes reunification of families. So it is that we can ensure a steady supply of salesmen of fake watches from Nigeria to hustle around Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.
To quote Bob Grant: It's sick and getting sicker.
This would be hilarious if it weren't so sad. On C-Span, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman admitted that he uses a tax preparer to file his taxes because the tax code is too complex. If this is not an endorsement of a national sales tax or a flat tax, I don't know what is.
Someone said that God protects children, fools and the United States of America. This could become a truism next Tuesday if the people of Massachusetts reject the Democrat candidate Martha Coakley and elect Republican Scott Brown as U.S. Senator, thus ending the 60 vote filibuster proof of the the Democrats, and send Obamacare back to the drawing board. I howver, am not holding my breath. A state that could have elected Kennedy and Kerry will probably reject Brown.

God, please let me be wrong.

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