Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let the UN Rebuild Haiti

Once again the US is at the forefront of helping a country in trouble, and instead of thanks we get a kick in the butt.

Yesterday Alain Joyandet, French minister in charge of humanitarian relief, called on the UN to clarify the role of US troops after a scuffle with and American commander. He then accused Americans of being an occupying force. The scuffle took place with the commander of the airport's control tower over the flight plan for a French evacuation flight. "This is about helping Haiti, not about occupying Haiti," Mr. Joyandet said.

Doctors Without Borders also complained that lives were being endangered by US refusal to allow DWB planes carrying medical supplies to land.

The big egos of the anti-American left couldn’t stand American soldiers in camouflage and carrying guns daring to actually organize a system that would allow the arrival of relief in an organized way. If priorities were given to the USAF, this was because their planes were arriving with much more supplies and equipment than the planes of other nations and organizations.

American soldiers were not patrolling Port au Prince carrying guns because they were an occupying force, but because they were trying to bring some semblance of order in a country that in the best of times is a thugocracy. Pictures of looters with machetes abound, but anyone who dares to mention this is deemed a cold hearted racist.

Talking about thugs, Hugo Chavez also accused the United States of being an occupying force.

Haitians should be so lucky as to have American forces occupying the hell hole that Haiti has been for more than two hundred years.

Does anyone in his right mind really believe that if you sent supplies and money to Haiti, the nation would rebuild itself? We have been sending billions with nothing to show for it.

Advise to America. The next time a disaster strikes around the world, write a check matching China’s contribution and send American troops home to their families. The French will do a great job. Just like they did in WWI, WWII, Algeria, and Indochina.

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