Friday, January 8, 2010

Something to read this weekend.

Charles Krauthammer again offers his pearls of wisdom. This time about Gitmo.

Read Krauthammer

Jonah Goldberg's advise to the Republican Party: Learn from Domino Pizza. Will the GOP listen? Only next November will we know.

Read Goldberg's column

One Egyptian policeman was killed and scores of Egyptians and Palestinians were wounded in a clash on the Gaza-Egypt border. The incident was organized by Hamas to protest Egypt's refusal to open the border and Egyptian practices designed to prevent the construction of smuggling tunnels. I am waiting for the UN Security Council to convene and condemn the use of violence by Egypt.

Oh, I forgot, Muslims killing other Muslims is a perfectly legitimate practice.

Read NY Times article

Medicare and the Mayo Clinic. Is this the wave of the future under Obamacare?

Read Column in The Wall Street Journal

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