Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not Prominently Reported by The Mainstream Media

I am in Florida, and the temperature has been in the 40's for most of the week. The good news is that if we have bellow 40 degrees for 3 days the iguana population will come back under control. The bad news is that 4 hours of subfreezing kills oranges.

Has anybody hear Al Gore comment on this map?

Interesting Graph
No comment. Just look at the graph and see where are we heading.

Iraq is in the process of eradicating all traces of Judaism in that country where Jews lived 1000 years before Islam. I an egregious violation of the responsibility of nations to preserve historical evidence, the Iraqi government has began to build a mosque over the tomb of the prophet Ezekiel, a site sacred to Jews and Christians. The building of mosques in sites important to other religions is a long established custom in Islam. We heard an international outcry when the Taliban blew some of Buddha's statues at Bamyan. The silence now is deafening.

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Bill Bennett has an interesting analysis of Obama's first year in office, analyzing his popularity numbers declining, the economy and the war on terror.

Daniel Pipes has an excellent article on security in airports.

Engineers from the United States and Europe, slave labor from Asia; money from gas stations around the world. What an inferiority complex. If you are one of those impressed by the opening of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, read the following article.

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